Pointclouds to BIM/CAD

BIM has become an important part of the construction industry based on the benefits it brings back and therefore, It will lead to an inevitable increase in the demand for BIM modelling in the existing building stock. So the need for solutions that can create BIM models from survey data will constantly increase to help surveying companies reduced their workload because this work requires experience, carefulness and patience to produce 3D BIM Models accurately.

At LaserScanning Ltd., We utilise the latest technology, We create our own revit tools to support us to convert pointclouds and laser survey data to information rich BIM models with complete details for architectural elements like doors windows, ceiling, floors and walls, for structural elements like beams, roofs, trusses, columns and many more along with MEP elements including ducts, pipes, heating, cooling and various other mechanical equipments with time-saving and cost-cutting for our clients.

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